Are specs the same as sound? I mean, how much can I really learn by comparing different in-ear charts and frequency curves?

As part of our ongoing discussion with Eric Hruza, Director of Pro Audio for Sonion, we now delve into the sticky subject of specs and curves. Yes, they are useful in a general sense but you can not base a decision on visual data alone. This is audio; you have to listen. The way something looks on a 20Hz to 20kHz chart is not always equivalent to the way that it sounds. A lot of this has to do with what we discussed earlier — everything matters — but some of it has to do with time delay, with being correct in phase and with ring and overshoot.

Listen to Eric explain it:

But more importantly, the way an earpiece fits dramatically changes the way it sounds. So even if the curves match and even if sonically they are indeed identical, the fit governs the way you will perceive the sound.

Listen here for a further explanation:

We’ll be featuring more exclusive insights from Eric Hruza, Sonion’s Director of Pro Audio next week.

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