Why are some in-ear monitors so cheap compared to what you offer?

This type of question comes up a lot. As it should. And I’ve addressed the main details in previous posts but I have just learned something shocking; something that I never realized before. This is horrific and atrocious for our industry. There are some unscrupulous in-ear manufacturers that rely on used hearing aid receivers to drive their in-ear monitors. They buy rejected hearing aids and place whatever receivers they end up with in their monitors and try to pass those off as tour-grade/ audiophile ready in-ears. It’s not illegal but it’s certainly unethical. That’s one big reason why some in-ears are so cheap.

Please listen to Eric Hruza, Director of Pro Audio for Sonion, explain this new trend.

Please note that this is not a practice commonly employed in the industry and none of the major in-ear manufacturers support or condone this behavior. We respect the work and values of all our legitimate competitors. But please beware of new vendors and knock-off products. If you have any specific questions or concerns about who is a legitimate competitor, please reach out and ask.

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The In-Ear Guy

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